Update the geometries of the viewport and the scene of KItemListContainer with the size of the view since the scrollbar visibility may have changed.

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Yichao Yu
KDE/4.11, KDE/4.12, master
freininghaus, ppenz
When resizing the window and when `KItemListContainer::updateGeometries` is called before the scrollbar visibility is updated, a relayout is triggered in `m_controller->view()->setGeometry` which updates the scrollbar visibility and calls back to `KItemListContainer::updateGeometries` again. Since the first call, which has the wrong geometry (due to the incorrect scrollbar states), updates the geometries of the scene and viewport after the second call (which has the right geometry!!) returns, the final result is a size corresponds to old scrollbar state.

This patch uses the new geometry of the view after updating it (since it might not be the size we put in) and therefore makes the sizes consistent.
Compiles, solves the problem here.
Yichao Yu
Yichao Yu
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Yichao Yu
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Status: Closed (submitted)

Frank Reininghaus
Thanks for the debugging and the nice patch, I can confirm that it works nicely now, and I have pushed your patch to the KDE/4.11 branch.
  1. Just one minor question, is beta3 tagged yet? (or in another word will this be included in beta?)
  2. The git revisions of the beta 3 tags were announced on the release-team mailing list last night. It seems that the commit fixing the geometry update issue is included: