Unbreak kauth-policy-gen

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Aurélien Gâteau
This is a two-commit patch, it fixes a build failure in kde-workspace/kcontrol/dateandtime.

1. make policy-gen accept a second argument pointing to the output file

2. Unbreak call to kauth-policy-gen

Uses the new kauth-policy-gen syntax for extra safety (no empty output file
gets created in case of failure)

Note: I haven't tested the Mac part of the code. Would be awesome if someone could give it a try.
Still builds, kcmclock_actions.policy is correctly generated in kde-workspace/kcontrol/dateandtime
Aurélien Gâteau
Bhushan Shah
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  1. Decided to push it without a "ship it": it fixes the build of kde-workspace on build.kde.org and a few people looked at it without being horrified.
  2. Not a big deal, the patch wasn't really intrusive. OTOH, 24hrs is still a decent reaction time :)
  3. > 24hrs is still a decent reaction time :)
    True, sorry for that.
    Thanks for reviewing it.
Aurélien Gâteau
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Dario Freddi
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