katepart: Add "Smart Tabs" radio button to KateIndentConfigTab

Review Request #113440 - Created Oct. 25, 2013 and discarded

Roman Lapin
This patch adds simple "Smart Tabs" function to Kate.

If radio button "Smart Tabulators" is checked on Indentation Config Tab, Kate inserts tabs for indentation,  but fine alignment to a necessary column is done only via spaces without replacing them with tabs.
It helps to preserve alignment (e.g. of comments), when Tab width is changed.
Kate builds.
Changing and applying of variations rbIndent* works fine.
Tested with several values of Tab width and Indentation width.
PS. This is my first patch, but seems it's work in way what I want (I hope).
Sven Brauch
Alex Turbov
Joseph Wenninger
Roman Lapin
Review request changed

Status: Discarded