Attempt to fix the CardDAV ressource to parse muptiple VEVENTs (with recurrence-ID set) in the returned ical correctly

Review Request #113374 - Created Oct. 21, 2013 and discarded

Philipp Schmidt
akonadi, kdepim
First Attempt at fixing the CardDAV ressource to not ignore additional recurrence-ID VEVENTs as created by e.g. the default Android Calendar (Used instead of creating EXDATEs in the original event).

See RFC 4791, Chapter 4.1, especially the following exerpt:

   Calendar components with the same UID property value, in a given
   calendar collection, MUST be contained in the same calendar object
   resource.  This ensures that all components in a recurrence "set" are
   contained in the same calendar object resource.  It is possible for a
   calendar object resource to just contain components that represent
   "overridden" instances (ones that modify the behavior of a regular
   instance, and thus include a RECURRENCE-ID property) without also
   including the "master" recurring component (the one that defines the
   recurrence "set" and does not contain any RECURRENCE-ID property).
Fetching Items works, however especially everything that is not multifetched is buggy when sending data back to the server. This is however just a first draft to get my changes out in the wild.


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whitespaces all over Sergio Martins Sergio Martins
Not needed, calendar will never be invalid, since there's a "new" in line 652 Instead, check if the calendar has ... Sergio Martins Sergio Martins
The calendar is not invalid here. Instead, use incidences = calendar->incidences() if (!incidences.isEmpty()) { (..o) return } Sergio Martins Sergio Martins
Sergio Martins
Sergio Martins
Philipp Schmidt
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