Added a new option - JUSTLIB - in CMakeLists.txt for OS X which, when enabled, just installs the development files and libmarblewidget.dylib

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Mohammed Nafees
Previously, using libmarblewidget on OS X was not a very easy task. It had its ups and downs not allowing developers to fully utilise the power of libmarblewidget on OS X. This patch will help developers use libmarblewidget in their OS X apps as well. It has a same structure as in Linux. So, the same code can be compiled on OS X and Linux. This takes Marble a step further into the Mac arena ;)
Testing done on OS X 10.8.5 using Qt 4.8.4 and Ubuntu (to check that the changes don't affect other OSes)


Mohammed Nafees
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uploaded a screenshot to show you all how it is working :)

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Dennis Nienhüser
Generally I like the Mac package to become a library that developers can use. I am a bit concerned that the patch introduces another option for it though, which complicates the overcomplicated cmake files even more.

I don't know much about Mac packaging. Is it possible to split up the compilation/installation part and the actual packaging part like done in Linux and Windows? Then just install everything and pick whatever you like for the package that is being created. So I'd suggest not to add a JUSTLIB option, and instead do the "positive" changes it introduces always (e.g. installing headers). And please don't do it by duplicating all of them, just remove the if (APPLE AND QTONLY) check that currently prevents installing headers. For the "negative" changes, i.e. preventing to build applications, I'd argument the same way: Just compile/install them, and do not include them in a library package.
Dennis Nienhüser
I added a cmake option BUILD_MARBLE_APPS in
This should make it easier to build just a library (and dependent resources like plugins and data)