Always use an external viewer application to view files

Review Request #113175 - Created Oct. 8, 2013 and discarded

Sven Brauch
This patch makes ark always use an external viewer application instead of using the clunky internal preview thing. The internal viewer would just embed a plain kpart into a window, but without providing any of the XMLGUI or whatever from that part. Thus, when you for example clicked a PDF, you couldn't print it. The advantages of the internal viewer are imo overall quite questionable, and are far outweighted by its disadvantages.

Plus, it removes code ;)
Clicking files opens them in the default application, as it should.
Sven Brauch
Sven Brauch
Kai Uwe Broulik
Sven Brauch
Sven Brauch
Jonathan Marten
Sven Brauch
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Status: Discarded

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I created this because I figured there would be a consensus on it; turns out there wasn't. Maybe I'll revisit this at a later time.