Do some cleanup in SceneOpenGL::Texture

Review Request #112762 - Created Sept. 16, 2013 and updated

Fredrik Höglund
This series does some cleanup in SceneOpenGL::Texture in preparation for other changes.

commit 47bb3385196d2cdc08652efaa9dc71b127f5e9b5
Author: Fredrik Höglund <>
Date:   Sun Sep 15 18:37:35 2013 +0200

    kwin: Remove SceneOpenGL::Texture::update()
    The default implementation is a no-op, and none of the current
    backends reimplement it.

commit a082b4a0acd826b484b9b3fdeb0b8f28e9a4a559
Author: Fredrik Höglund <>
Date:   Sun Sep 15 18:08:05 2013 +0200

    kwin: Remove SceneOpenGL::Texture::load(QImage)
    This method loads the image by first converting it to a pixmap
    and then using the TFP extension to bind it to a texture.
    Aside from the fact that this is less efficient than uploading
    the image with glTexImage(), which the base implementation does,
    the method is never called.

commit 7998996253a9594ede0d9a0401f416e8f3fb9ad1
Author: Fredrik Höglund <>
Date:   Sun Sep 15 18:29:53 2013 +0200

    kwin: Remove the region parameter from Texture::load()
    It's never used.

commit 5c87730b4acdab6b525bf3f1a23bbc8bd57113b2
Author: Fredrik Höglund <>
Date:   Sun Sep 15 18:14:59 2013 +0200

    kwin: Don't pass pixmap handles as const references
    But do pass the region in SceneOpenGL::Texture::load() as a const
    This patch also replaces the Xlib types with their xcb equivalents.