Save/Restore size of Contact VIewer Dialog

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Allen Winter
4.11, master
Save/Restore the size of the Contact Viewer Dialog.

I think this can go into 4.11 as well since I'm not changing the public interface, but I'd like someone to verify that for me.



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You can initialize the second argument to QSize(500, 600) so you can omit the "if" branch below since size will ... Daniel Vrátil Daniel Vrátil
sync() is called from KConfig destructor, so no need to call it explicitely Daniel Vrátil Daniel Vrátil
Daniel Vrátil
Allen Winter
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Kevin Krammer

akonadi/contact/contactviewerdialog.cpp (Diff revision 1)
Since you are using QLatin1String for constructing a QString from a string literal in the line above you should probably do this here as well if just to be consistent :)
akonadi/contact/contactviewerdialog.cpp (Diff revision 1)
see above