Make newly opened search tabs close- and editable

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Emmanuel Pescosta
When you open a new tab while the search mode is enabled, the newly opened 
tab also starts the same search (Because new tab is opened with the current 
view url), but the search box is in read-only mode. 
So you cannot close the search bar nor edit the search text.

This patch fixes this by parsing the search url. The value of the "search"
parameter is used as search text and the value of the "url" parameter is used 
for the search path ("root" folder for the search when "Search from here" mode 
is enabled).

In case of Baloo search urls, we use Baloo::Query::fromSearchUrl.
1. Start a search (e.g. "kde") in folder $HOME/Downloads
2. Open a new tab
3. Edit the search mode should work
4. Close the search
5. The view from the newly opened tab should open $HOME/Downloads

All five points works for me.

Tested with Baloo 4.13 Beta1
Emmanuel Pescosta
Emmanuel Pescosta
Emmanuel Pescosta
Frank Reininghaus
Vishesh Handa
Emmanuel Pescosta
Emmanuel Pescosta
Frank Reininghaus
Frank Reininghaus
Emmanuel Pescosta
Frank Reininghaus
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