dolphin: Show full file info when only one file is selected

Review Request #111934 - Created Aug. 7, 2013 and submitted

Fabio D'Urso
The purpose of this change is to give the user a chance to see file information if it doesn't fit in the status bar (see bug 260717), by allowing to click on the file and hover on the status bar.

As it's now possible to have status bar texts starting with "<qt>", DolphinPart::updateStatusBar() must escape strings. Otherwise, filenames such as "<qt>Tes<font color=red>t" would be rendered as HTML data in konqueror's status bar when selected.

This patch also changes the status bar text dolphin shows when a folder is hovered. It now shows full folder info, eg:
  "mydir (folder, symlink to /opt/mydir")
instead of:
This is consistent with dolphin's behavior on regular files, and DolphinPart already does that (DolphinPart::slotRequestItemInfo has no special cases for folders).

Emmanuel Pescosta
Frank Reininghaus
Fabio D'Urso
Frank Reininghaus
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