Do not enable the "Create New..." menu when searching

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Frank Reininghaus
While an URL is being loaded, DolphinView assumes that the URL is not writable -> the "Create New..." menu is disabled.

When loading is completed, the dir lister's rootItem() is examined to decide if the URL is writable (I think that the reason for this approach is that examining it before the directory is loaded might take too long).

However, if the root item is "Null" (this happens to be the case for searches), we always assume that the URL is writable. I propose to change this default to "not writable". I don't see a problem here - can anyone imagine a situation where we have a view with a null root item that is writable?

Anyway, I'd prefer to push this to master only. The bug is not really a showstopper, and it doesn't hurt if it gets some wide testing before the commit ends up in a stable release.
The "Create New..." menu is disabled when searching. I haven't found any regressions so far.
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