Replace Notification by kWarning on missing/unsupported action

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Àlex Fiestas
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In 4.11 we are able to detect if an action is supported or not, and if it is not we simply unload it.

That new behavior makes the notification "Action not found" deprecated since now it is totally possible that a profile tries to load an unsupported action such DimDisplay on most workstations.

In Powerdevil2/Plasma2/Whatev perhaps we should remove the action from the config, but I'm not sure because an action might be supported during a period of time, for example when plugging a keyboard that support backlight, so it looks to me that we need something more dyamic.

Release team: This removes a line from the catalog.
Notification is not emit anymore.
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Àlex Fiestas
Àlex Fiestas
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