Port Akonadi test runner to use multi-instance mode.

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Volker Krause
So far the test runner created a completely isolated environment, starting its own D-Bus daemon and KDE processes. Instead we now use the multi-instance feature of Akonadi to re-use most of the host session. This trades perfect isolation for speed and convenience.

Git Log:

Namespace agent config files correctly.

Properly namespace stuff in XDG_[CONFIG|DATA]_DIR.

Simplify copyDirectory() a bit.

Also create all missing parent directories.

This will be needed for the more complex folder layout of the
multi-instance setup.

Disable agent auto-starting by default.

Much safer, and can always be enabled explicitly in the environment
config file if really needed for some tests.

Remove dead code.

Restore D-Bus interaction between the runner and the generated shell script.

Remove the environment variable cleaning.

No longer needed since we are using the host session for most things now.
Also it didn't actually seem to work, it did still happily see the
Akonadi instance identifier, the D-Bus session, LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc.

Remove obsolete kabc/kcal dependencies.

Port server restarting to proper Akonadi API.

Port the shutdown code to Akonadi::ServerManager.

Port synchronization step to proper Akonadi jobs.

Port agent instance creation to proper Akonadi API instead of raw D-Bus.

Don't mess with KLauncher and sycoca, also coming from the host session now.

Remove the manual D-Bus daemon startup/shutdown code.

No longer needed, we are going to use the host session now.

Port server state detection to use Akonadi::ServerManager.

Start the Akonadi server with the correct instance identifier.

Add Akonadi session instance identifier setup.

Mac OS 10.4 is no longer a concern.
Test environment comes up and agents are set up correctly. Knut test resource payloads are missing, but they are missing in the normal session too (ie. unrelated regression).


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