Ensure that the sorting is correct after renaming if the items are not sorted by name, but the name is used as a fallback

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Frank Reininghaus
1. mkdir test && cd test && touch a b c && dolphin .
2. Sort by size -> the order of the items is "a b c" because the name is used as a fallback (all files have zero size).
3. Rename "a" -> "d".
4. Note that the items are not resorted.

The problem is that KFileItemModel::setData() only re-sorts the model if the "sort role" is changed. However, in cases like the one I described above, also the name matters.

This can be fixed by triggering the re-sorting if either the "sort role" or the name changes. This could in principle cause some unnecessary calls of resortAllItems(). Therefore, I've added a quick check which verifies if the file is still sorted correctly with respect to its neighbors. (A nice side-effect is that renaming files in "Sort by name" mode only triggers resortAllItems() if this is really necessary).

Old and new tests pass, no regressions seen so far. Hm, thinking about it again, there is a similar bug in KFileItemModel::slotRefreshItems() - can be seen quite easily by applying the patch, repeating the steps above and splitting the view after step 2. I'll have a look at that too, but it doesn't hurt to do it in two different commits anyway.
Emmanuel Pescosta
Frank Reininghaus
Emmanuel Pescosta
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