Move Vim-range parsing stuff out of KateCmdLineEdit and into Kate Vim code where it can be shared

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Simon St James
The code for parsing the leading range expressions in commands (e.g. "%", "'<,'>", ".,.+6" etc) is pretty complex, and is currently locked up inside KateCmdLineEdit.  I also need it to be accessible from inside KateViEmulatedCommandBar, so rather than expose it through KateCmdLineEdit's very minimal API, I thought it might be better to move it all into KateViEmulatedCommandBar instead, since it is quite bulky and more properly belongs with the Kate Vim mode code.

No functionality should be lost; these Vim-style ranges should still be usable in non-Vim mode.
No existing tests broken; some new tests added.
Simon St James
Dominik Haumann
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Simon St James
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