Fix "truncated Details View header" when using a non-Oxygen style

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Frank Reininghaus
When using a non-Oxygen style, and the widths of the columns in Details View are too small to fill the entire width of the view, the headers look "truncated" (see screen shot in the bug report). This does not happen with Oxygen - an empty header is shown instead of the white empty space.

I looked at the code and found that the painting of the "empty header" is inconsistent with the other headers, which is probably the reason why the other styles get confused:

a) No QStyleOptionHeader is used
b) Even if an empty header must be drawn, the last column is drawn with the option QStyleOptionHeader::End.

I propose to change this by moving the code for painting the empty header to KItemListHeaderWidget::paintRole(): when the last column is drawn, it checks if there is some space left that needs to be filled and uses QStyleOptionHeader::Middle for the last column then (I don't see another way how issue b) could be solved cleanly).
Works for me with Oxygen and Plastique.
Christoph Feck
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Frank Reininghaus
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