Fix O(N^2) complexity issue in KItemListView::slotItemsRemoved

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Frank Reininghaus
In a directory which is shown in Dolphin, try the following (where N is a large number > 100000):

touch {1..N}.png
touch {1..N}.jpg

(wait until all files are shown in the view)

rm *.jpg

This will freeze Dolphin for quite some time (if not, try to increase the number of files). This is because KItemListView::slotItemsRemoved() has a loop over all removed item ranges (100000 in this case), and in each loop, it has another loop that iterates through all items and tries to find visible ones. This is bad because there is always only a small number of visible items, so we better just iterate over those (similar to the approach in KItemListView::slotItemsInserted).
Dolphin takes a lot less time to remove many item ranges.


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