Do not treat .svgz as archives + fix directory not loaded when started with a .svg as argument

Review Request #111362 - Created July 2, 2013 and submitted

Aurélien Gâteau
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This patch does two things:

1. It adds a special case to ArchiveUtils::protocolForMimeType() so that .svgz are not treated as archives
2. It fixes the behavior of SvgImageView::loadFromDocument() so that it works even if the document is not yet fully loaded

#1 is needed so that clicking on an svgz from browse mode does not trigger an error dialog saying url cannot be read.

#2 is needed because right now opening an svgz from the command line causes the url to be turned from file:///home/foo/bar.svgz into gzip:///home/foo/bar.svgz. This is actually a bug I am going to address, but the fix is nevertheless useful when browsing remote urls, since they are treated the same as urls whose protocol is "gzip".
Opened svg and svgz files without problems, both local and remote (thumbnails are broken for svg on remote urls, but that's yet another bug).
Aurélien Gâteau
Aurélien Gâteau
Aurélien Gâteau
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