Bodega-server: Add a test for puchasing an asset

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Antonis Tsiapaliokas
The test should check for the following:
* purchasing an asset the account does not have enough points for
* purchase an asset the account does have enough points for
* downloading the asset that was purchased
* downloading an asset that costs points that was not purchased
* downloading a free asset

Things that are missing:

* confirm points are properly distributed between store and asset owners
* confirm download records are correct

How can we verify the two above which are missing from the test?



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this should be made part of the `make test_data` run.. it should both process the testdata.sql file as well as ... Aaron J. Seigo Aaron J. Seigo
Aaron J. Seigo
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
Aaron J. Seigo
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
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