Also change the view mode, when the view properties settings file is not writeable.

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Emmanuel Pescosta
The problem is, that the new view mode will be saved to the view properties file on view mode change. 
After saving the new view mode, Dolphin re-reads the view properties file to get the new view
mode from this file to apply it to the view. 

Change View Mode => Save View Mode to the file => Read View Mode from the file => Apply it to the View

When the view properties file is not writeable, the view mode can not be changed with the current 

This patch fixes this problem, because the view mode can always be changed, also if the properties file
is not writable. (Dolphin tries to save the View Mode on view mode change)

Change View Mode => Apply it to the View + Save View Mode to the file if possible
Works for me.
Frank Reininghaus
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