add KTextEditor::MessageInterface for KDE SC 4.11

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Dominik Haumann
kate, kdelibs, release-team
cullmann, dfaure
This patch adds the KTextEditor::MessageInterface to the KTextEditor interfaces in kdelibs 4.11.

This interface exists in Kate since KDE 4.10, and is already used internally to show messages when needed (e.g. search & replace, or swap file recover bar). By adding this interface to kdelibs, applications like KDevelop, Kile, etc... can use this interface to show passive interactive notifications in a KTextEditor::View.

With this commit, we also want to get feedback by potential users of this interface, so we can improve/tweak it again for KDE 5 (or whatever it will be called :) ).
Given the interface is in Kate since KDE 4.10, the interface is quite mature.


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