Fix Bug 319119 - Dolphin doesn't notice when renaming failed

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Emmanuel Pescosta
dolphin, kde-baseapps
dfaure, freininghaus
Change the data in the model before the real renaming is done by KonqOperations::rename(),
but when the rename operation fails, revert the data changes in the model.

The problem is that DolphinView::slotRoleEditingFinished() changes the data in the model *before* the actual renaming is performed by KonqOperations/KIO.
But we need this approach for the following cases:
* Immediate feedback from the users point of view (No delay between finish renaming and DolphinView updates)
* Missing file system/dir lister signals, when there is no file system notification system (ftp, ssh, ...)

A lot of code in konq_operations.h and konq_operations.cpp is just copy and paste, to guarantee binary compatibility. (added some TODOs for KF 5.0)
Works for me.

Tested with a remote ssh file system on a virtual machine.


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