Bodega-server: Add documentation support to bodega-server. Also add markdown support

Review Request #110752 - Created May 31, 2013 and submitted

Antonis Tsiapaliokas

with that patch i am adding the following support to the bodega-server:

1) server/doc is the place which all of our documentaion lives.
2) The docs are accessible from /api/filename.E.x. for docs/README.markdown => api/README

If you all agree with that patch, i will push it to the branch which i am referring above(kokeroulis/markdown/documentation)

P.S. the two files are from bodega-server and bodega-client



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Zack Rusin

server/test/support/http.js (Diff revision 2)
No. Please fix this.

It's really irritating to see ten pages of text to show up when running make test.
Either add another argument to getUrl to specify that the output isn't json or use something else than getUrl to test non-json paths.