Downscaled jpeg images are sharper now

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Benni Hill
Currently  "invertedZoom is the biggest power of 2 for which zoom < 1/invertedZoom.
 * Example:
 * zoom = 0.4 == 1/2.5 => invertedZoom = 2 (1/2.5 < 1/2)
 * zoom = 0.2 == 1/5   => invertedZoom = 4 (1/5   < 1/4)"

This means that the image gwenview takes as origin might only be little larger than the resulting image for the view. This can lead to quite blurry images.

When I load an image that has a size of 4809x4321 and display it full screen on a 1280x1024 monitor gwenview uses a downscaled image of 1202x1080 to create the image for the view. shot11.png shows a small part of the result. shot12.png shows the same after applying the patch.

My patch makes sure that the image from which gwenview creates the image for the view is at least twice the height/width than the view. This leads to longer loading times, but I think this is justified by the image quality.



Aurélien Gâteau
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Benni Hill
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