fix KoXmlReader to break on error instead of trying on and on

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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
Words currently will hang with hot wheels on loading the file

Reason is that the condition to break the parsing is only testing if the end is officially reached. But as the API Dox of QXmlStreamReader::readNext() ( tells "The exception is when error() returns PrematureEndOfDocumentError. This error is reported when the end of an otherwise well-formed chunk of XML is reached, but the chunk doesn't represent a complete XML document."

So also checking for !xml.hasError() seems needed.

Okay to backport to 2.7?

Now this bug was just uncovered because of another problem:
for some reason the file meta.xml seems to be not properly extracted from the odt, so this can be seen in the log (with this patch applied):

words(17718)/koffice (lib komain): Parsing error in  "meta.xml" ! Aborting! 
 In line:  1 , column:  0 
 Error message:  "Premature end of document." 

Unzipping yo.odt with unzip shows that meta.xml has some proper looking content. So possibly our zip reading code has a bug. Needs to be investigated separately.

Camilla Boemann
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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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