KMix: improve the appearance of the "Select Master Channel" dialogue

Review Request #110645 - Created May 25, 2013 and submitted

Jonathan Marten
The current dialogue, with its scolling list of radio buttons, does not look good and is not consistent with the channel lists as displayed elsewhere in KMix.  The buttons have no margin, the scrolling list is the same colour as the background, and there are no icons for visual cues.

This change displays the channels as a list, in the same way as the "Configure Channels" dialogue.  The current master channel shown by the highlighted item.

As an added bonus, the widget structure and code is simpler.
Build KMix with these changes, checked appearance and operation of the dialogue with 2 different sound cards.


Jonathan Marten
Christian Esken
Christian Esken
Jonathan Marten
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Status: Closed (submitted)