Call new Instance dbus method on Windows when a KUniqueApplication is already running

Review Request #110462 - Created May 16, 2013 and discarded

Andre Heinecke
kdelibs, kdewin
sengels, vonreth
Currently when a second instance of a KUniqueApplication is created KUniqueapplication on Windows just tries to bring the existing process to the front. The problem with this is that the commandline arguments are lost. Kontact parts of kdepim solved this problem in pimuniqueapplication by calling NewInstance with the correct parameters on the existing application.
This review Request is about adding that code from kdepimlibs/kontactinterface/pimuniqueapplication.cpp also to KUniqueapplication on Windows.
Tested with Kleopatra on Windows.


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Why do we still fail this function (exit(255)), even if we actually are still doing a meaningful action (activateWindowForProcess) here? Patrick Spendrin Patrick Spendrin
Patrick Spendrin
Andre Heinecke
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Status: Discarded