bluedevil-wizard: Make it possible to select devices with a single click before pressing Next

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Fabio D'Urso
In bluedevil-wizard's initial screen, the current code listens on the itemActivated signal of the device list. When it is emitted, the slot (itemSelected) sets some internal state referring to the currently selected device and, under the right conditions, enables the Next button.
Depending on the configuration, itemActivated is triggered either by a single-click or a double-click.

I have a double-click configuration, therefore I have to double-click-on-the-device + press-Next in order to select a device. This feels very unnatural to me.
Furthermore, if I only click once on the device, the Next button does not get enabled at all (because itemActivated is not emitted).

This patch makes it possible to just single-click-on-the-device + press-Next.

As I said on IRC, this patch is basically a revert of afiestas' commit de479d87cd07103f1f4e85b988f7197b4a329535, therefore I would very much appreciate his review on this patch.
Tested UI interaction both with the mouse and the keyboard.
Fabio D'Urso
Àlex Fiestas
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Fabio D'Urso
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