Dolphin Places: Make it easier to drag and drop items

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Vishesh Handa
    Dolphin Places: Make it easier to drag and drop items
    When doing a drop, a check is performed to see if it is within x pixels
    from the top or x pixel from the bottom of the rect. If it is, then the
    drop is considered a drop between items.
    This x was fixed to qMax( 4, myStyleOption.padding ) which would
    generally be 4. This is fine for some cases, but when the rectangle size
    increases then this 4 pixels is not enough. Hence this 'x' is now being
    set to 30% of the rectangle height.
    By default the rectangle height is 20 pixels, so x is now 6 instead of 4
    in the default case, which does make it slightly easier.
    Also, this in-between-items check is only performed when moving from one
    item to another. This is not good since if you enter the item and the
    bottom, the indicator is shown, and then as to start moving it up it
    stops showing, and then it should start showing again as you approach
    the top edge.
    Modified the code to run the check on every mouse drag event even if the
    hovered item has not changed.
    Both these changes combined make it much easier to drag and drop items.
Much easier
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Emmanuel Pescosta
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