Inform the user if the inserted medium is not suitable

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José Millán Soto
In the burn dialog, the message displayed when an incorrect medium was inserted was the same that the one when there was no medium inserted. As a result, the user might think that there's a problem with the device instead of a problem with the medium.

If there's a medium inserted on a device but it's no suitable (for example if it's a CD and it should be a DVD, or if it's a read-only medium, or if the capacity of the medium is not enough), the user will be informed of the reason of the issue.

mediaRequestStrings added as a static method to Medium class. This method takes as parameters a list of unsuitable mediums and the requeriments for a medium to be suitable and returns a QStringList with messages describing the problem of each unsuitable medium.

MediaSelectionComboBox was modified to call mediaRequestStrings when a medium is inserted but is not suitable.



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