Adds the feature to close tabs to the right/left of that tab

Review Request #110224 - Created April 27, 2013 and updated

mayank jha
When dealing with a large number of tabs it would be great to have an option on the tab right-click menu to close tabs to the right of that tab or to the left of that tab.
Compiled, and tests successfully!
Andrea Diamantini
I searched in all browsers and I couldn't find such a feature. Just chromium shows a "close tabs to the right" one. So, what's the use case for each of them?
  1. i thought it might be a helpful feature! as described by todd in the bug tracker!
  2. Indeed it is a nice feature.
    With many tabs opened in a window, you sometimes want to close a number of them. And mostly the ones you want to close are not randomly spread, but next to each other.
    Imagine you have 5 KDE bugtracker issues tabs open and then 5 tabs of a discussion forum.
    Now you want to concentrate on the KDE bugs, and get rid of the forum discussion. So you go to the last tab to keep (the last KDE bug tab) and click to close the ones further right.
    Or you're done with triaging the bugs, and want to keep on talking in that forum. So you go to the first tab to keep (the first forum tab) and click to close the ones further left.
Bernd Oliver Sünderhauf
Quick review, but not yet tested:

The naming of closeOtherLeftTabs() and closeOtherRightTabs() makes no sense and is a bit irritating.
It's not the "other right tabs" - it's the tabs to the right.
closeLeftTabs() and closeRightTabs() to me seems okay and would nicely match with closeOtherTabs().

As proposed on, we should IMHO move the three menu items to a submenu "Close multiple tabs".
  1. Firefox 26 now supports this feature, I think rekonq too should be supporting this, should I rebase this on the current master ?