PopupItem QML component for KGamePopupItem

Review Request #110137 - Created April 23, 2013 and discarded - Latest diff uploaded

Viranch Mehta
Implements a QML component KgCore.PopupItem for KGamePopupItem widget. Most of the properties of KGamePopupItem are provided by PopupItem, except ability to set the background brush (can set background color instead), and ability to set a custom QPixmap as icon (can set KIcon's name instead and switch showing icon on/off instead).

Although one of the critical downside is it cannot set theme based background and text colors. Not sure how to overcome this. But at least we have the component for starting to use in ports.
The KMines port (viranch/qtquick branch in kmines) uses this component (src/qml/main.qml) for showing "paused" message when game is paused/unpaused. works as expected except themed colors.