QML image provider for KIcon images

Review Request #110132 - Created April 22, 2013 and discarded

Viranch Mehta
This patch introduces a new image provider for libkdegames that enables showing KIcon's inside QML. Additionally, ships a KIcon QML component as a wrapper component that takes in the KIcon's name and uses the image provider to show the pixmap.

The purpose of the image provider is for the QML component that I'm working on for KGamePopupItem. Many games use this and should be a readily available component. This component shows a KIcon as its icon alongside the text, hence the patch and the new image provider.
Tested with a simple QML file: http://sprunge.us/Ggje and "qmlviewer -I $KDEDIR/lib/kde4/imports test.qml". shows the correct icon image.
Albert Astals Cid
Viranch Mehta
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Status: Discarded

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this is already present in libkdeclarative, not required here.