Optional Emulated Command Bar for Vim (searching only so far)

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Simon St James
A bit of a monster, I'm afraid ;)

As I mentioned on my blog (http://kate-editor.org/2013/03/16/kate-vim-mode-papercuts-bonus-emscripten-qt-stuff/) I'm not really a fan of the current integration of Vim with Kate's built in Find/ Replace dialog, so I started working on a more Vim-ish replacement.  Here is the initial stab at it - there's still plenty of work to do, but searching with "/" and "?" already works better than before, plus we have shortcuts like ctrl-r, etc.

Currently, it's off by default, and switched on by a (hidden) config option: *ideally*, I'd like to make it the default and only choice (and then clean some of the Vim-specific stuff out of the Kate Find/ Replace dialog), but I'd like to blog and get some feedback, first.

The advantages of this patch are:

a) Less buggy interaction of searches with "n" and "N" (case-insensitivity in particular);
b) More Vim-style shortcuts: dismiss via ctrl-c, ctrl-[ etc; backspace via ctrl-h & dismiss via ctrl-h when empty; ctrl-r for insertion of register contents/ word under cursor in document; etc.
c) More Vim-ish cursor placement - the cursor always stays at the first character of the match;
d) The total match so far is highlighted, as in Vim (dismissed when the bar is closed). Search is SmartCase, incremental, and wraps around;
e) Can be used from mappings;
f) Can be used with the (eventual!) Vim macro implementation.

Still a lot of fine-tuning left, but it would be nice to get this committed before doing so.  Some plans:

a) Get ctrl-w to work right: it's currently really stupid;
b) Eventually get the bar to replace ":" - this will be great for extensibility, as the fact that it works with mappings means that we'll be able to trigger complex Javascript expressions with a couple of keypresses;
c) Go through history with ctrl-n/ ctrl-p : I'm going to extend Vim's implementation and make it context-sensitive, so if we do a ":s/blah/something/ and the cursor is on "blah", then we'll move through the history of search terms; if on "something", we'll go through the history of replace terms; etc.  Usage of "*" and "#" will of course add to the history;
b) A few more extensions: toggle regex vs literal with some shortcut; delete and place cursor at "blah" and "something" in the above with shortcut(s); etc
d) Vim-style interactive search and replace;
e) Escape the search term to be more in line with Vim's ("(" and ")" should be treated as literals, for example, not regex commands);
f) ... and a bunch of other stuff ;)

After that, it will be on to macro support!

Some dogfooding, and an extensive battery of automated tests.


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