Make sure that the KDE prefix comes first in XDG_DATA_DIRS

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Andreas Hartmetz
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Make sure that the KDE prefix comes first in XDG_DATA_DIRS.
I tracked down a Nepomuk problem to this. Nepomuk file indexing didn't
work because the ontologies were too old. Nepomuk loaded ontologies
from /usr/share instead of my KDE prefix /opt/kde4/share, because
/opt/kde4 was the very last entry in the respective search list in
KStandardDirs. The first entries in that search list all came from
XDG_DATA_DIRS, which in my case (Kubuntu) is set by the X session
initialization scripts. That is before startkde runs, so startkde
never touched XDG_DATA_DIRS. But it should, and now it does.

Andreas Hartmetz
David Faure
Andreas Hartmetz
David Faure
Vishesh Handa
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Rex Dieter
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