Fix for bug where KateCompletionWidget::bottom() doesn't work if we have tried a cursorUp() while at the top of the completion list.

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Simon St James
More of a request for help than a real patch - I'm outside of my area of expertise, here ;)

I stumbled upon this bug while working on the Kate Vim mode completion integration: if KateCompletionWidget::cursorUp() is called while at the top of the list of completions, then the next call to  KateCompletionWidget::bottom() will fail; see the test in this attached patch.

I made this pass by modifying cursorUp to look more like cursorDown, but it feels like a bit of a hack to me as we are now ignoring the result of a method call.  Any ideas for a proper fix, and a way to make the test a little better (see the "TODO")?

Automated test added; some manual testing.
Simon St James
Christoph Cullmann
Simon St James
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Forgot the "REVIEW:" thingy again! Committed in 782928b4f6bbbdd4436599c8a13db7fa45990893