Let user define his own quote types

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Eugene Shalygin
It might have sence to use some other double quotes substitutions in addition to built-in. For instance, in dialogues typesetting. This simple patch adds possibility to add new quote types via configuration dialog.



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Can you move this to the 'dialogs' folder? or 'dialogs/models'? Michel Ludwig Michel Ludwig
Actually, why is 'id' needed at all? Michel Ludwig Michel Ludwig
Isn't it possible to simply pass the same model (m_quotesModel)to the QuotesConfigDialog? Michel Ludwig Michel Ludwig
Michel Ludwig
Eugene Shalygin
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Resolve pointed out issues, sort user quotes list before displaying it to user and saving to config file, plus various small fixes


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Eugene Shalygin
I forgot to remove two commented out lines. I'm sorry. But it does not worth a new diff revision, I think?
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Ryan McCoskrie

Could you please add some kind of tool tip for the configuration? Specifically to explain the difference between the identifier and the label.

  1. The difference is: the identifier is stored in the configuration file, while the label is displayed to a user in the quotes selection combo box. This is needed for built-in quote types since their labels needs to be localizable. For user-defined quote types localization seems to be almost impossible (if user does not choose already localized strings as a label). If presence of identifier is confusing (for user-defined labels), perhaps it has to be removed from the table. Then the table will show only user quote types and the text in the combo box has to show quotes symbols also, since there is no other way to see them. For user types these strings might be long, that is not beatiful. That is why I decided that identifier in the table is less evil. If someone can suggest nice tooltips (there are some, but not good), I would be thankful.