RFC: Temporarily highlight yanked range in Vim mode

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Simon St James
This isn't something I'm planning to submit necessarily, but it's something I'd like some feedback on :)

I quite often mis-yank (so to speak) in Vim, especially when doing something semi-complex like "yank up until 2nd closing bracket" or somesuch, and there's no feedback about what I've yanked until I come to paste.  This patch adds a temporary highlight that shows the last yanked range.  The highlight disappears on the next keypress.

I've used it for a while, and *quite* like it, but was wondering what other Vim'ers thought of it!

Also, there's a bit of ugliness due to the fact that both Normal and Visual mode will have their own m_highlightedYank, when we only want one m_highlightedYank per view: any ideas on how to make this less hack-ish? Probably the best way to do this would be to make Visual Mode not inherit from Normal mode, but that would be a pretty huge undertaking ;)

Also also, what's the best way for writing automated tests for this? I need some way of telling whether a give region of the current view has a particular highlight or not.




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