RFC: Change tab order in search & replace

Review Request #109366 - Created March 9, 2013 and discarded

Alexander Neundorf
Using the search&replace plugin with just the keyboard is still a bit tedious.
After typing in the search term, it takes a lot of tabs to get to the folders- and include- and exclude filter line edits, due to the focus going through 6 other widgets in between where the focus is (at least here with Oxygen) almost invisible.
The attached path changes the tab order so that it goes first through all the combo boxes, and afterwards through the other widgets. This makes entering input into the combo boxes much faster.
OTOH it changes the tab order to something slightly unexpected maybe.

Another option would be to set focus policy to ClickFocus for the three checkboxes under the search combo box.

How are actually the shortcuts for the checkboxes assigned ?
I get an M for "Match case", an "x" for "Expand results" and none for "Regular expression".
It would be really good if all checkboxes had shortcuts.

Kåre Särs
Albert Astals Cid
Alexander Neundorf
Review request changed

Status: Discarded