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Gregor Tätzner
Heya folks,
This is a qml port of the netbook applet currentappcontrol. It's ready to use, but not fully complete.
Missing features/bugs:
- If you click on the title on the task bar, it doesn't show the kwin present windows effect, how to implement that? Is there interest in a 'kwin dataengine' or should I go for a mixed C++/QML applet?
- there is an annoyance in the task list(present windows fallback): I can set a minimum height, but if I close a task and re-set the minimum height, the popup won't shrink again, leaving an unpleasant empty space; plasma bug?
- the close/restore buttons don't glow on hover. I couldn't load a theme svg using the IconItem. Is that possible?
- do you know how to read the size of the containment the widget is contained?



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