This patch adds support for out-of-source project files to the projects plugin.

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Alexander Neundorf
This patch adds support for out-of-source project files.
If a "directory" entry is present at the top level, this directory is used as the base directory
for the project.
If this patch is accepted, I'll add a project generator for kate to cmake, so that then I can checkout any
cmake-based project, run cmake on it, and automatically have a project file created for it.
It will contain the git/svn entries and correct targets to build, including -j flags.
It will create the .kateproject file in the build dir, pointing to the source dir, and maybe a file called <ProjectName>.kateproject, which then needs to be opened in kate as "loading the project".
Works for me.
Christoph Cullmann
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Alexander Neundorf
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