enable directly copying text from QLabels in kinfocenter

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Martin Walch
This patch is about bug #6602. It turns most of the QLabels in kinfocenter selectable with mouse by setting setTextInteractionFlags(Qt::TextSelectableByMouse).

This is probably no completely satisfying solution, but I think it is an improvement. While it is not possible to select several QLabels at once, one QLabel at a time can be marked and copied, which is useful to easily extract e. g. the exact amount of physical memory in bytes, the MAC address of an NIC or the name of a hard drive or CPU.

Also, some unused or duplicate includes of QLabel are dropped.
Compiles fine, at least with gcc 4.4.7.
No problems found when running kinfocenter.
Successfully copied the text of some QLabels and pasted it otherwhere.
David Stephen Hubner
Martin Walch
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Status: Closed (submitted)