fix libjpeg detection for libjpeg-turbo

Review Request #108821 - Created Feb. 6, 2013 and discarded

Kevin Kofler
4.10, master
digikam, kdegraphics
This fixes the libjpeg detection to check for the availability of jpeg_mem_src rather than for JPEG_LIB_VERSION, allowing to build the JPEG functionality with libjpeg-turbo >= 1.2.90.

RawSpeed/DngDecoderSlices.cpp tries to define its own jpeg_mem_src function if JPEG_LIB_VERSION < 80, so patch it to use the detected USE_JPEG8 instead to avoid the redefinition and the resulting compiler error.

Note: This patch is against 4.10, master is even more broken due to ("Fix compilation on Windows"), which unconditionally removes the USE_JPEG define, meaning JPEG support will never be built at all. This is clearly incorrect.
Builds (and detects jpeg_mem_src) in Rawhide (libkdcraw 4.10.0 release, libjpeg-turbo 20130204 snapshot (svn922, approx. 1.2.90)).
Gilles Caulier
Albert Astals Cid
Heena Mahour
Gilles Caulier
Kevin Kofler
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Status: Discarded

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Obsolete due to use of system LibRaw.