Fixes for grace time in screenlocker

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Oliver Henshaw
310871, 313997
Series consists of 3 commits:

* Refactor grace time tracking

Set a boolean instead of checking whether timer is active. This is
required for the following commits.

* Stop grace period on unlock

It was safe to leak the grace timer when it was in the lock process,
since it was killed on unlock. Now it is not.

A password should always be required if the screenlocker is explicitly
triggered; but a screenlocker invoked while the grace timer from a
previous invocation is still active can be dismissed without a password,
at least for a short while. This also meant that the screenlocker
keyboard shortcut would not work until the grace timer expired.

* Respect Lock boolean in configuration

If not set to require password, don't start the grace period timer and
always consider in grace period.
Tested with and without password required, tested with grace time set to zero in config file. Tested idle activation, user-requested activation and behaviour after return from idle activation.
Marco Martin
Oliver Henshaw
Oliver Henshaw
Aaron J. Seigo
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