screenlocker make [escape] "conditionally" turn off the screen

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Thomas Lübking
This calls powerdevil to turn off the display when the user presses escape, or rather every second time s/he does so.

Afaics the powerdevil infrastructure does not allow us to query this value from the DPMS Action (different from the stuff that is implemented in backend) so to check whether the screen is currently active (and i actually believe, this is gonna fail as well, because the state is likely reset on wakeup before we receive the event, esp. for a dbus call) we'd either have to link DPMS in the locker ... or invoke a cheap trick, ie. "s/conditionally/every other time/g"

Another way i could think off would be to add a message on the QML (like the caps lock) that the screen is gonna be turned off in 10 seconds and skip that when the user starts to interact (any mouse or key events)
That's probably the more fair way to say that we cannot otherwise reasonably handle screenstate toggling - i just worry nobody actually reads such messages *shrug*
Yes, reliably toggles the screen even after press-holding the escape key (then wait for the actual screen state and then controlled toggling it)


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