Add some new User Agent files for spoofing browser identities in konqueror, rekonq

Review Request #108057 - Created Dec. 31, 2012 and discarded

Guillaume de Bure
I find that the current list of Browser identities that you can use in konqueror or rekonq is so very obsolete... I used information from and wrote some additional .desktop files, specifically:
* Chrome 22, 23, 24
* Firefox 15, 16
* IE 8, 9
* Opera 11, 12
* Safari 5, 6

I purposely did not update the CMakeLists.txt yet, waiting for some initial feedback first. I also intend to remove some other entries from the current file list, unsure whether that should come in a separate review request

Guillaume de Bure
Dawit Alemayehu
Andrea Diamantini
Guillaume de Bure
Frank Reininghaus
Guillaume de Bure
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Status: Discarded