aprs: use external QextSerialPort for TTY reading

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Pino Toscano
kdewin, marble, release-team
Instead of embedding an (old) copy of the QextSerialPort library, find for an external one; only if found enable the reading from TTY, which is otherwise disabled (leaving its configuration tab disabled).

The drop of the internal QextSerialPort should also fix all the portability issues, since the plugin itself does not use any OS-dependent API, and it is then reenabled unconditionally.
Hence, bug 241125 should now be fixed, and bug 237931 and bug 242039 should not happen anymore.

@release-team: yes, I know this would introduce a new optional dependency, but on the other hand a copy of a 3rd party library would go away. Would this be acceptable at this point?
The Aprs plugin compiles fine with and without an external QextSerialPort library.
Laszlo Papp
Albert Astals Cid
Pino Toscano
Torsten Rahn
Dennis Nienhüser
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