Do not delete files if the user clicks 'Move to Trash' in the context menu while Shift is pressed

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Frank Reininghaus
adawit, dfaure
The problem occurs in Konqueror and Dolphin if the 'Delete' context menu entry is enabled, and Shift is pressed while Dolphin's context menu is opened. The menu shows both "Move To Trash" and "Delete" then, but clicking "Move to Trash" will also result in a "Delete".

The reason seems to be that not only the context menu, but also DolphinViewActionHandler::slotTrashActivated(Qt::MouseButtons, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers) tries to be clever, checks if 'Shift' is pressed and deletes the file then. But I do not see why this is necessary. Both Dolphin's and the DolphinPart's context menu take care of the Shift issue themselves in different ways, and I don't see why an invocation of the "Move to Trash" action should ever need to delete the file. But maybe I've overlooked something, so I thought I'd better have some more people have a look at my patch before I accidentally break something else.
Tested trashing and deleting files in Dolphin and Konqueror with the context menu, the menu, Delete/Shift+Delete key presses, with the 'Delete' action enabled/disabled, and everything seems to work OK for me.
Dawit Alemayehu
Dawit Alemayehu
Frank Reininghaus
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Thanks Dawit for your help! I've committed this to master: fda03a10e725ba133a32a032f7f456d839e0d800 (forgot the REVIEW keyword in the commit message).