Fix bookmarks "Recently Accessed" and "Search for" not available with default install

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Luc Menut
master, KDE/4.9
freininghaus, ppenz, vhanda
The bookmarks for "Recently Accessed" and "Search for" is not available in dolphin after a default install, since git rev. f5b6fbf7

With a default install, indexing is enabled by default and [Service-nepomukfileindexer]autostart is not written in nepomukserverrc.

Because in dolphin, placesitemmodel.cpp line 93 
  m_fileIndexingEnabled ="Service-nepomukfileindexer").readEntry("autostart", false)
default to false if [Service-nepomukfileindexer]autostart is missing, m_fileIndexingEnabled is false by default even if indexing is available.

m_fileIndexingEnabled should follow the default value (true) of nepomukserverkcm m_checkEnableFileIndexer.

The suggested patch fixes this issue.

Luc Menut - Mageia

PS: I don't have write access to kde git, so could you commit the change for me if the patch looks fine. Thanks.
tested with KDE 4.9.80 (Mageia Cauldron)
Vishesh Handa
Frank Reininghaus
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Luc Menut
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