Update the 'isCut' state of items in the view if, e.g., text is copied to the clipboard

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Frank Reininghaus
Right now, we only update the "isCut" state of file items when other files are copied or cut to the clipboard. The expected behaviour is to make the items look "uncut" also when some non-file thing, like, e.g., text, is cut or copied.

The complexity of the previous code which I'm proposing to remove makes me wonder if there could be any problem with this approach - does anyone see anything that might go wrong?

(Yes, I do know that KUrl::List::fromMimeData() is deprecated and that I should be using KUrlMimeData::urlsFromMimeData() instead. It seems that kdelibs doesn't install the required header here, I'll look into that, unless the reason is that I'm doing somthing wrong, in which case I'd appreciate feedback about that).
Works for me, no regressions seen so far.
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